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Orthopyroxene Orthopyroxene any of a series of common silicate minerals in the pyroxene family Orthopyroxenes typically occur as fibrous or lamellar

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Orthopyroxene Opx Property Value Comments Formula Enstatite Mg end member MgSiO3 Ferrosilite Fe end member FeSiO3 Solid solution between

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Named in 1796 by Rene Just Haüy from the Greek words for fire πυρ and stranger ξένος Pyroxene was named because of its presence in a glassy or vitreous


Pyroxenes are the most significant and abundant group of rock forming ferromagnesian silicates They are found in almost every variety of igneous rock and also


The physical properties of orthopyroxenes Luster vitreous to pearly on cleavage faces Cleavage good Hardness 5 5 6 Specific gravity 3 2 – 3 6 increasing

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Jade ornaments and figurines fashioned by ancient Aztec and Mayan artisans are pyroxene 39 s most familiar face An important rock forming mineral of igneous