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Chapter 51 00 Мб But for the quarry dust and other combinations of quarry dust and coarse aggregate as fillingFilling was done with proper compaction to achieve the required unit weight of 15 kN 1m3 3 Each layer of the fill was compacted to get the same density by controlling the weight of soil and thickness of layer

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Definition of Proctor compaction test A test to determine the moisture content of a soil at which maximum compaction can be obtained The test P

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The quarry dust was varied between 10 20 30and 40 and egg shell powder as constant 20 by weight of soil 6 1 Experiment details Study on Soil Properties using varying percentages of Egg Shell Powder and quarry dust consisted of Proctor Compaction Test Atterberg Limits Unconfined Compressive strength California Bearing Ratio

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A series of light compaction tests were carried out on soil mixes prepared with different quarry dust content with a locally available clayey soil and commercially available bentonite clay

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SUPPLEMENT 1015 COMPACTION TESTING OF UNBOUND MATERIALS December 31 2012 1015 01 General 1015 02 Definitions lime kiln dust fly ash or RACP then the gage will report a moisture content reading that is Perform a one point Proctor test for each and every compaction test Obtain a soil

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The test was carried out with proportion 10 Quarry dust 15 Grit and 15 Quarry from CIVIL ENG 13J at Technical University of Mombasa

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Proctor Soil Compaction Test The Standard Proctor Test is a laboratory test used to determine the optimum water for a given compaction energy for a

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Oct 17 2012 · Optimum utilization of Quarry dust as partial replacement of sand Figureure 1 Variation of slump value of fresh concrete with quarry dust content 3 1 2 Compaction factor The variation of workability is measured in terms of compaction


test hydrometer test proctor compaction test one dimensional swell one dimensional consolidation and unconfined compressive strength Atterberg limits showed an overall decrease with addition of 10 20 and 30 QD Also there was enhancement on the swell behavior with the increases of the QD as well as the compressive strength


implies that adding stone dust improves clay soil properties Stone dust and concrete waste are taken as those which are passed through IS SIEVE 600µ Initially the index properties of soil are found out The compaction character is found out Standard Proctor s Test In

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The Proctor compaction test is a laboratory method of experimentally determining the optimal moisture content at which a given soil type will become most

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Compaction Of Quarry Dust Thickness greenrevolution Compaction Test For Quarry Dust Crusher USA About compaction test for quarry dust related information c1 – ready mixed concrete 3 5 proprietaryconcrete this type of concrete allows concrete producers to supply concrete for specialist applicati compaction of quarry dust thickness

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percentage of quarry dust to stabilize soil was found out as 10 and lime was added 2 4 and 6 by dry weight of soil Optimum percentage of lime to stabilize optimum soil quarry dust was found out as 4 Atterberg limit and compaction tests were carried out on both unmodified and modified soil

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20041020 Proctor Compaction Test procedure for soil testing The Proctor compaction test is a laboratory geotechnical testing method used to determine the soil compact

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dropped it has too much moisture for compaction hand test Figure 9 Types of tests Tests to determine optimum moisture content are done in the laboratory The most common is the Proctor Test or Modified Proctor Test A particular soil needs to have an ideal or optimum amount of moisture to achieve maximum density This is

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In this paper admixtures such as quarry dust fly ash and lime were compared The tests such as liquid limit plastic limit modified proctor compaction sieve analysis differential free swell and CBR were conducted The tests concluded that the addition of quarry dust

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The modified proctor compaction test was conducted to show the level of improvement in density for various mix proportions The energy applied to the soil is around 4 5 times that of a standard proctor compaction test higher the energy higher will be the density achieved and hence this test

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the compaction mold for the modified proctor compaction test and this may explain why the dry unit weight for several of the soils tested was slightly less than the maximum density obtained by the ASTM D 4253 procedure This was particularly notice able for the sands containing very few fines i e the soils classified as SP soils How

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3 Sabat 2012 conducted tests for Atterberg s Limits Compaction characteristics Modified Proctor Shear Strength parameters using lime with expansive soil stabilized with Optimum percentage of quarry dust


and stone dust was used as waste to combine with soil to study the compaction characteristics and CBR value of soil Egg shell powder 2 4 6 8 12 16 20 and stone dust 10 20 30 were added by weight of samples The results of standard proctor test show that maximum dry density of soil decreases while optimum moisture content

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what is the quarry dust compaction percentage The modified proctor will give you a higher maximum density than the standard proctor test which has a lower energy input The modified proctor

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Oct 17 2016 · Quarry dust which is a waste product of the crushing process is more economical and environmentally friendly According to existing studies quarry dust can be easily compacted by providing a vibration effect and a poker vibrator is a practical approach that can be used to achieve high degrees of compaction in quarry dust

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3 1 Repulsion potential dielectric and compaction of test soil The results of the effect of lateritic soil treatment with quarry dust were presented in Table 4 The dry density of the stabilized test soil improved consistently under the addition of QD material at a constant DOPC percentage of 5

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Saw Dust Ash as stabilizer could result in solution of land fill problems Waste Saw Dust Ash is mixed in soil in 2 4 and 6 in dry weight of the soil Standard proctor compaction test and falling head permeability test were conducted on varying percentages of Waste Saw Dust Ash It is observed that

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Atterberg limit test Standard proctor compaction test California bearing ratio test Soil classification was donebyusing particle size distribution test sieve analysis and atterberg limit test Soil was classified according to the Unified Soil Classification System USCS Soil mixed with quarry dust from 0 to 25 at an increment of 5


lime quarry dust by conducting tests such as liquid limit plastic limit and plasticity index by varying the percentage of bagasse ash and lime 2 To study the behavior of different soil using bagasse ash lime quarry dust 3 To determine the optimum moisture content and maximum dry density by conducting the proctor compaction test 4

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compaction factor for quarry dust print flyers compaction of quarry dust thickness thesolarpower Compaction Of Quarry Dust Thickness compaction of quarry dust thickness quarry dust compaction factor influence of crushed stone aggregate type on and Online An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Black They have variable thickness and are underlain by sticky quarry dust

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By addition of eggshell powder and quarry dust to the soil the maximum dry density and optimum moisture content was found by Proctor compaction test as per IS 27204 5 6 7 Table 7 1Influence of ESP and QD on optimum moisture content and max dry density EGG SHELL POWDER QUARRY DUST OMC MDD g cc 20 10 26 1 651 20 20 28 1 716

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soil and studied the compaction characteristics and Unconfined compressive strength of soil The quarry dust was varied between 10 20 30and 40 and egg shell powder as constant 20 by weight of soil 6 1 Experiment details Study on Soil Properties using varying percentages of Egg Shell Powder and quarry dust consisted of Proctor Compaction Test


increase the percentageof Quarry Dust Praveen Kumar et al 2006 conducted CBR and tri axial tests on fly ash coarse sand stone dust and river bed materials for their use in the sub base and G6 Modified proctor compaction test was performed as per IS 2720Part 8 1983 and the A STUDY ON THE USE OF CRUSHED STONE AGGREGATE AND CRUSHER

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quarry dust compaction volume ratio BINQ Mining · In soil compaction test if a test result exceeds should Soil compaction is the process of increasing the soil density by reducing the volume of air within the soil mass Soil compaction depends mainly on the How to perform the compaction test for quarry dust Reply Link Post a comment

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Guidelines for Earthwork Construction Control Testing of Gravelly Soils 3 Reclamation uses the rapid compaction test USBR 7240 5 ASTM D 5080 6 for routine control of silty or clayey soils The rapid compaction test is a three point Proctor compaction test


Compaction tests results vary with the input compactive effort usually measured in foot pounds per cubic foot of soil The line of optimum moisture contents is usually around 85 saturation and the optimum moisture content decreases with increasing compactive effort Which Test Are You Using Standard Proctor 12 400 ft lbs ft 3

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In case the compaction test results indicate values exceeding 100 it only means that the in situ compaction is more than that being carried out in laboratories which is treated as the basic criterion for satisfactory degree of soil compaction Therefore the soil results are acceptable in case compaction test results are over 100