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Click Here for Larger Glaucophane Image in a New Browser Window Images Comments Pale violet to gray fibrous massive glaucophane Location Lac

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Glaucophane A blue sodic amphibole glaucophane has moderate relief and shows the typical cleavage of the amphiboles intersecting on the rhombic basal

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Property Value Comments Formula Na2Mg3Al2Si8O22 OH 2 Principle substitutions are Fe2 for Mg and Fe3 for Al total subsitution produces Riebeckite

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A schistose metamorphic rock with glaucophane as the major gt 5 constituent The use of prefixes jadeite bearing glaucophane phengite schist is

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Glaucophane is the name of a mineral and a mineral group belonging to the sodic amphibole supergroup of the double chain inosilicates with the chemical